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My story begins as it should with a driven, middle-school teacher turned stay-at-home heroine many simply call “Rach”. And while I may have been called Rae, RaeRae, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife, Mommy, Teacher, Trainer, Writer, Freak, and Beast at some point in my life, I am ready to add a new title “Yoga Teacher”. Additionally, for the first time I will be adding “Blogger” to my list; a title I have toyed with for many years but would always get hung up on when asking myself, “What will I write about?”, “What will I call my blog?”, and “Will anyone actually read it?”

As I started my yoga practice this morning with yogini1 and yogini2, I gained the insight I have been seeking. I found myself explaining the Lotus Mudra – with palms, thumbs and little fingers touching, open the remaining fingers to symbolize the open bloom of the lotus flower. This mudra allows me to gain focus and instills a sense of openness that I come back to throughout my practice. While I have begun yoga many times in this manner, it was only today that I discovered new meaning in it. If I enjoy sharing my knowledge of yoga with others, why not start a blog that allows me to disclose my journey with an even deeper sense of openness?

I chose the name niyamanotebook to signify that this blog will be a place to share my thoughts, concerns and reflections, as they come and go throughout my exploration. Niyama (pronounced “nee-yuh-muh” in Sanskrit) means observances. Similar to the fingers of a hand in the Lotus Mudra, there are five observances in yoga. The niyamas are cleanliness, contentment, discipline, self-study and surrender. I hope to embody these qualities throughout my yoga journey, as a reminder of my continued goal of peace both in mind and spirit.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure as I progress along the path of yoga. I look forward to sharing with you and hope you will be inspired to share with me.

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

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  • LSC

    beautiful first posting…I can’t wait to read about your journey. Namaste.

  • drewlac

    Congrats on the first blog, the site looks awesome!

  • Mary the OINKteller

    Great job, Rach! Fabulous first post – I look forward to reading about your journey!

  • Elizabeth

    Lovely Rachel.

  • Jeannie

    You are amazing!

  • Kaki

    good for you Rachel! Very nice first post – can’t wait to read more of them!

  • niyamanotebook

    Thank you for all the wonderful words of encouragement 🙂

  • Sarah Anne Cole

    I think you need to add “overachiever” to your list of names. I’m so excited to follow your journey.

  • Stephanie Robinson

    I am so excited for you on your journey! I look forward to reading more.

  • Dave

    I like your blog Rach. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

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