And The Teaching Formally Begins…

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I have a very exciting week coming up for me…I am going to begin teaching my first “official” yoga class this Thursday.  I am completely head-over-heels (as you learned in my last post I love to be upside down!) delighted to be given an opportunity to share my knowledge with others in a public venue.  I have been so eager in fact, that I made my family practice with me regularly over the Thanksgiving holiday.  (A special thanks goes to my father who met me on our mats every day while we visited with them!)

I will be bringing a gentle yoga practice to the Sports and Fitness Edge at their Eastwood Drive location beginning this Thursday, December 1st at 10am.  In the morning, our bodies tend to be rested but stiff from lack of movement; therefore, I have put together a gentle awakening sequence that will stretch and energize you to meet your day.

Additionally, I am equally excited to begin teaching at Move You Fitness Studio, which opens this Saturday in Essex.  Beginning, next Monday, December 5th at 6am I will be teaching a sunrise vinyasa practice; followed by a sunset vinyasa practice on Tuesday, December 6th at 7:15pm.   Incorporating sun salutations, standing poses, balancing postures, seated poses, core isolation and backbends, these vinyasa classes will be a wonderful way to begin or close your day. The focus for these classes will be on maintaining proper alignment, using the breath to move in and out of poses and learning to open your heart center.   Please check my “Teaching Schedule” page at the top of my blog for any updates or changes to my classes. 

If you have the opportunity to stop by any of these classes, I welcome the prospect to share with you.

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

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  • Stephanie Robinson

    Rachel, I am so happy for you. I can not wait to meet you on the mat. Exciting things are happening and you deserve it all!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  • candicepeak

    Good luck with your first class! I can’t wait to hear how it went!

  • Kristen

    Hey, thanks for letting me know about your blog! It’s wonderful!
    Good luck with everything tomorrow, I know you will do well!

  • Dave

    Thx for the honorable mention in your blog. 😉

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