Stretching Toes and Plantar Fascia

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Training for a race? Don’t forget to stretch your toes and plantar fascia. Try adding TOE POSE to your post-run stretching….

Why use it
Walkers and runners tend to create stress and tenderness across their plantar fascia. Poses, like toe pose, help us to stretch the connective tissue that runs from our toe down to our heel.

How to get into it
Begin in a kneeling position with your knees together. Inhale while turning your toes under. As you exhale, slowly work the weight of your body over your heels, continuing to breathe into the pose. Attempt to the hold position for 3 to 5 full breaths; staying in the position longer as you build stamina and muscle strength.

Key Tip
Keep your hands grounded in front of your knees to lessen the intensity of this stretch.

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