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Solitude: the time you take to rebalance.  For many of us contemplators, soul-searchers and the like, this may mean finding a quiet place to focus on our thoughts, allowing room for clarity.  But the place and time you take to rebalance may take many forms.  Some may go for a walk or a run; maybe thirty minutes or maybe thirty miles.  Some may write; maybe a best-selling novel or maybe a letter they will never send.  Just as others may dance where no one can see them, take a bath or sit in complete silence.

Top of Algonquin Mountain – Second highest peak in the Adirondacks

But I believe at the core of our solitude we are all taking time to meditate.  Finding solitude in your day, month or year is not about being lonely.  It is your time for self-reflection where you develop new ways of looking at ideas that were once hard to grasp or understand.  This same merit I find in meditation.  During meditation I give myself time to contemplate what I have done and whether I want to continue that in the future; I find stillness, helping to free myself from the barrage of outside stimuli; and most importantly, I take time to recognize the small moments that make up my day, which may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

I know how overwhelming the smallest decision can seem at times.  I know how hard I must work to remove judgment and embrace compassion, my “humble” aspirations.  Taking time for solitude and meditation are two of the strongest tools I continually employ, creating space to breathe a little easier while also working towards realizing these goals.  You too?

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

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