Private Yoga Classes for Special Events

Planning a special event can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Between paying attention to every detail and meeting deadlines, all in an effort to keep everybody happy, it can be emotionally and physically draining.

Adding yoga to your special event can keep you and the entire group feeling grounded and centered.  Yoga creates a space of unity and relaxation, which can benefit any group event as everyone connects both emotionally and physically.

Niyama Yoga VT can customize a practice to meet your special event’s needs From wedding day yoga, to kids yoga, to yoga for team events and festivals, I will tailor a program that fits into your day and the wishes of your group. Whether you are looking to stretch, relax, work up a sweat, or maybe a little of it all!

“Scheduling a private teen yoga session during midterms for my daughter, was the most helpful and supportive thing I could have done for her. In that hour with Rachel she was able to relax & unwind, while learning breathing & meditation techniques that she was able to able to carry with her long after the session ended. I highly recommend Rachel’s teen yoga for the stressed out teen in your life!! You won’t regret it!”
Niyama Yoga Service

Melissa B.
Essex, VT

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