Corporate Yoga Programs

Companies today are recognizing the importance of having a comprehensive and dynamic wellness program, to not only boost health, but to increase morale, loyalty, and productivity, and reduce absenteeism.

There is no question a company’s costs can be reduced when the employee population is healthier.  Employee benefits, such as offering group yoga classes, can play a large role in keeping employees engaged, healthy, and happy.

Niyama Yoga VT offers on-site yoga classes to fit any corporate wellness program and schedule. Classes are available for morning, lunchtime, or evening, on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.

$50/session when at least 10 are purchased

"Rachel has been providing on-site, weekly yoga instruction in a corporate setting for Husky Injection Molding Systems, Inc. for approximately the past two years.  All of the feedback I’ve received from our employees that participate has been extremely positive. Rachel typically provides yoga instruction to us during the lunch hour and our employees report feeling much more relaxed, focused and better able to tackle the stresses of the workday, following their one hour yoga session with Rachel. As a participant in some of Rachel’s yoga classes myself, I can attest to her ability to work with a diverse group of individuals, perhaps many with little no yoga experience at all.  Her guidance is gentle, she has a great way of providing correction without making you feel uncomfortable in any way. As the individual responsible for Husky’s corporate Wellness program, I can easily say that our ongoing, two year relationship with Rachel has been extremely positive.  As a service supplier to Husky, she’s very dependable and her rates are more than reasonable….her knowledge about yoga and friendly demeanor are also noteworthy."
Niyama Yoga Service

John F.
Milton, VT

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