Release Tension in your Hips to Help Alleviate Tension in your Back

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Photo Credit: Melissa Brott Photography

Photo Credit: Melissa Brott Photography

Another great runner’s stretch: LIZARD POSE

Why use it?

Walkers and runners tend to carry tension in their backs; often due to stiffness that needs to be released in their hips. Lizard pose takes lunge pose and deepens the stretch. Looser hips relieve our back pain and lengthen stride.

How to get into it

From a lunge pose, bring both hands inside the forward foot as you inhale. Keep your palms planted on the mat with arms straight or for those with more flexibility rest your forearms on the mat. If it feels more comfortable your back knee can rest to the mat. Attempt to the hold position for 3 to 5 full breaths and then switch sides.

Key Tip

Relax your shoulders as you evenly lower your hips to the floor.

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