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What a genuinely amazing summer I can look back on.  It included a lot of family time, exploration of the outdoors and a truly relaxing vacation at the ocean.  At the same time it left little time for me to retell my yoga adventures, sitting at the computer.

Yet, everything does change and with my children starting school and my husband returning to a more rigid work schedule, transformation is the word of the moment.  I notice myself once again turning to the indoors, providing me the ability to bring my thoughts to written words.  With this transformation my own practice continues to adjust in the hopes of creating a space where everyone has an opportunity to meet me on the mat.

Beginning Tuesday, September 11th 7:15PM, Sunset Vinyasa will return to the schedule at Move You Fitness Studio.  This energetic class is designed for anyone looking to move with breath, resulting in an intense workout.  My Yoga for Runners class will move to Fridays at 10AM beginning September 14th.   While this class speaks to runners and walkers, the class has a flow with a focus on breath and moving between poses, benefitting any athlete. Additionally, I will continue to teach 7AM Sunrise Vinyasa on Sundays. 

I will also continue to teach Yoga for Runners at Aspire Community Studio on Wednesday evenings at 6:45PM.  Again, this class speaks to any athlete looking to add yoga into their workout regimen. The next session begins, September 12th, register today.

And, last but by no means least, I will continue to teach Gentle Yoga at The Edge off Eastwood Drive on both Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10AM.  For those looking for a place to start yoga or in finding a place where they can truly decompress, this class is not to be missed.  Like all of my classes connecting with our breath in class, is the foundation to everything we do.

I look forward to practicing with you both on and off the mat…

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

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