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This past Monday, I was struck by something my yoga teacher, Stephanie, said as she was closing her practice, “Recognize that you are exactly where you should be at this moment.”  Her words resonated with me the rest of the day, as I found it interesting to think how such a simple statement could explain so much.  How many times have I felt discouraged, frustrated or lost?  Yet, how many times have I looked back on what once seemed impossible to understand and discovered I could not have moved forward without experiencing that pain or disappointment.

Stephanie’s words were echoed this morning by Lindsay, a yoga teacher I have spent many Thursday mornings with.  As Lindsay closed her practice she read an excerpt from “The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching,” focusing on the thought of just sitting.  “Just sitting” is simply enjoying the present moment.  Regardless of what is happening around us, we are able to smile and face anything, even when the road seems long and unbearable.

This is how I have come to feel about my journey with yoga.  I am elated to begin my official teacher training this Saturday despite my many reservations that have held me back for some time.  Up until now it has only been an idea I entertained to actually envision myself as a certified yoga teacher.  In the past it was easy to leave my aspiration by saying, “I am not strong enough.”; “There are already ample yoga teachers in our area.”; “We cannot afford it.”; and my favorite, “It would be selfish to spend our family time on something only for me.”

I look back now and know I hadn’t yet taken enough classes to build my strength; I hadn’t yet realized where I could fit in; I hadn’t yet saved enough money; I hadn’t yet realized that I needed to be growing with my family to make the most of the time I do spend with them.  So, now when I ask myself these questions I don’t blink an eye answering, “I know I am more than strong enough.  I will find my place in teaching as I know I have something to offer others.  We can afford it.  And, while my family is everything, growth in me will transcend to growth in them; this can never be seen as wasted time.”

For whatever reason I needed to find my way past my own doubts, to see that I was meant to be here in this very moment, happy, just sitting as I embark on yet another of my life’s many adventures.  The world around me hasn’t changed; I could be scared or overwhelmed but instead I choose to enjoy the present moment for what it is.

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

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  • Mary the OINKteller

    Lovely. It’s true that you are exactly where you should be in this moment – I so look forward to following your adventure!

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