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After demonstrating great confidence when practicing yoga with my family and friends, I have to admit last Thursday’s gentle class had me a little rattled.  From the moment I put my son on the bus until the opening breath on my mat, I contemplated my poses, sequencing, and script.  As about 25 people poured into the gym I felt equal bursts of blissful energy as well as apprehension, wondering if I had what it took to bring a quiet practice of peace and strength to everyone there.

As I began I was immediately struck by my inability to take many full deep breaths.  I found myself talking more and breathing less, trying to bring focus to the other participants but failing to find my complete calm on the mat.  However, as we began to settle into the practice I noticed how easy it was for me to move through the poses, offering cues on proper alignment and reminding everyone to come back to their breath…even if I wasn’t always able too!

As expected, there were a couple moments of distraction, such as when the music was too loud and I needed to run across the gym to turn down the stereo or when I began to come into a pose that I had already used earlier in my practice.  And while I forgot a few poses that I had intended to include, I would have to say after reflecting on the experience these last couple of days, I am very pleased with how it all turned out.  Having individuals approach me after class to comment on what they thought was a wonderful practice really inspired me.  Though I may feel there are things I can improve on and will do better with next time, I know I put a lot of attention into creating a well thought out practice, which flowed and brought stillness to those who joined me. As a good friend pointed out yoga is what grounds the perfectionist in me; it brings me presence and patience, which of course is where I find my peace.

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

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