Day Six and Still Going Strong with the Cleanse

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Another wonderful day, Day Six was quite relaxing, an integral piece of this cleansing puzzle.  Despite my disinterest in the food, I believe my body has adjusted well to this entire adventure.  It has been a welcome liberation this week to not feel compelled to turn on my computer or turn on the news.  I certainly have been making more time to truly let go and be present in my world and my moment. 

Today’s good was the Abhyanga self-massage.  In fact, it has been a consistent indulgence every day of this cleanse.  I save it for the end of my day, once my children are sleeping so I don’t feel rushed and can actually appreciate it.  The idea behind the massage is that it increases circulation, helping to release internal toxins that have built up over time.  The self-massage is followed up with a bath or steam shower.

Today’s bad was that I let the steam go too long in the shower before I began washing and as a result the hot water began to run out.  This was quite disappointing, as the relaxation I had created through the massage and steam was quickly pushed aside as I raced to clean myself before the hot water ran out entirely.

Today’s ugly was making the mistake of going to the grocery store so far into this cleanse.  Every smell and every sample enticed me.  I am lucky enough to have a variety of food available to me on a daily basis; subsequently, restricting my diet to a couple simple foods is really wearing on me.

It’s almost Day Seven and for that I am grateful.

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

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