Day Seven and Eight: The Yin and Yang of Cleansing

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When I look back at both Day Seven and Eight, they represent the yin and yang of this cleansing process for me.  Yesterday, we enjoyed a perfect family day and consequently I didn’t get an opportunity to post. On the other hand, today has been a bit more difficult given the purgative this morning and enema this evening.  In their own way, each day reminded me of my original intention, discipline; taking time to recognize the moments you truly enjoy while also recognizing the arduous moments and finding ways to move through them.  

Over the last two days, the good has been the communication I have had with what feels like my whole world.    I have been able to share and learn so much from the many questions, answers and inquiries from so many of you.  I never would have thought embarking on this cleanse it would open the numerous opportunities for conversation that it has.  All of you have helped to reinforce why I took this on, as well as reminded me what I have been getting out of this process throughout the week.

The weekend’s bad was drinking the castor oil this morning, but not necessarily for the reasons you might think.  I was afraid to attempt the oil alone given how difficult it was for me to stomach the ghee earlier in the week; therefore, I added the castor oil to warm milk with cinnamon.  Unfortunately, given the early hour I took the concoction I was not thinking clearly, didn’t wait for the cinnamon to settle and when I went to take my first sip I inhaled cinnamon powder.  This caused a burning sensation in the back of my throat for the next hour or so.  From there, the effects of the oil began and unfortunately stayed with me for the next twelve hours; it felt like a very long day as I let the castor oil run its course.  I kept reminding myself this was all part of the cleansing process removing the impurities that have built up over time in my body.

The ugly this weekend was going out to dinner with my family.  If I thought shopping at the grocery store was hard during this cleanse, being out at a restaurant and not being able to indulge was just plain brutal.

In a couple hours I will be done with this cleanse, at least in the extreme form it has taken over these last few days.  The next step is contemplation; figuring out what I have taken away from this experience and the aspects I now want to incorporate into my daily life…

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

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