BRIDGE POSE (Half Back Bend) Using A Yoga Strap

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Why use it

Backbending can help to release the strain put on our backs and hips from daily activities such as sitting at our desks, computers or in our cars.  Poses, like bridge pose, help us to keep our spine flexible as we open our hips.  This pose can be enjoyed by those new to backbending or can be used as a prep pose for more challenging back bends.  Adding the use of the strap in bridge pose, can help increase the hip flexor stretch for those who are unable to grasp their heels with their hands while simultaneously keeping their shoulders grounded.

Bridge Pose using strap

Picture Credit: Melissa Brott

How to get into it

Begin lying down with your knees bent about hip-width apart; with feet pointing straight forward.  Place a yoga strap (Don’t have one?  Substitute a scarf, tie, dog leash, etc.) around your ankles, holding the strap with both hands.  Ground in your feet and on your INHALE lift your tail, lower back, and mid-back off the mat; continue to keep your shoulders grounded as you pull on the strap to help lift your chest.  EXHALE.  Attempt to the hold position for 3 to 5 full breaths; staying in the position longer as you build stamina and muscle strength.

Key Tip

Keep your chin tucked to your chest, avoiding turning your head from side to side which can lead to neck strain.

Once completed, remember to counter bridge pose; my preference is to draw my knees into my chest, crossing in my ankles as I take ahold of my toes with my hands.  This helps to broaden out the stretch I feel in my lower back.  As always, please feel free to comment below on any tips, hints, suggestions or questions you may have related to bridge pose.

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~

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