As Our Physical Body Cleanses so Do Our Emotions

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Things are looking up – the sun was shining today, headache went away after only a short time and most importantly today was the last morning of eating plain ghee as I wake up – who knew Day Four would be something to look forward too?

Today’s good came in the mail; a hand-written thank you from a wonderful friend.  I believe anything hand-written is to be uniquely cherished given the amount of emails and typed letters we are bombarded with daily.  Her words have been with me throughout the day, complimenting some of my recent actions and her sincerity struck me.  It’s always nice to know your efforts are appreciated and this letter could not have arrived at a better time.

Today’s bad is the emotional roller-coaster I seem to be on.  At various points throughout the day I have felt lucky, happy, sad and teary; the letter from my friend being the perfect example.  I was elated to open it, read her beautiful words and then found myself tearing up, realizing I rarely see her anymore and miss having her as a larger part of my life.  Not surprisingly, as we cleanse our physical body our emotional baggage also surfaces, ready to be dealt with and purified.

Today’s ugly is that I felt hungry for the first time since being on this cleanse.  For the last three days my attention was drawn elsewhere but around mid-day I felt hungry and that feeling really hasn’t subsided.  I continue to remind myself of my intention set at the beginning of this adventure: to foster discipline.  I do this not to reprimand myself but to realize that through discipline I evolve as a practitioner of yoga, uncovering my full potential.

~The divine in me salutes the divine in you, Namaste~


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